The online reservation system will be open to provide you with teaching opportunities! You will be provided with a list of class opportunities that you can sort by date, school, or by county to locate the class that best meets your schedule.

If you sort classes by County (above class chart), you should be able to see the classes in your area (may need to advance pages).  By clicking on the magnifying glass, you can see class details (including zip code if you want more location details; you can look up zip codes here:

When you see class times in close sequence at the same school, you could teach back-to-back classes, which is greatly encouraged! 

Teachers were asked to select the time they would like you in the class, not necessarily the class time (you will want to confirm this and class size for handouts). 

To select a class, just click on the magnifying glass, then select New Appointment at the bottom, and follow the instructions. 

You will receive a confirmation e-mail; please contact the teacher by forwarding it when you receive it.

Thank you!